Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Journey

Life is a journey...  full of pain and heartache, but also delight and joy.  The road can be very long, but it can also pass quickly.  It is a journey than contains much suffering and great rewards.  It is a hard journey, but well worth the cost of walking thru it well.

This is my desire... to walk thru my journey well.  Yet not just to walk thru it, but to live it.  So much of life can be spent existing.  I do not want to exist.  I would rather live a short life, but one full of the adventure of living, than to retain many years full of mere existence.  William Wallace stated, "Every man dies, not every man really lives."  Dying is inevitable, but living is a choice.  

This past semester marked another stage in my journey.  It took me two years at school to find a focus for my academic studies, but God's timing is always perfect.  I have chosen to write.  The decision has resonated within my spirit ever since and filled my heart with excited anticipation for the journey ahead.  Looking back at my time at Lee University thus far, I have realized how God was preparing me to understand my heart.  College has been hard, in many different ways for many different reasons.  Each semester has presented its own challenges.  I hate being so far away from home.  Yet it has been so good for me.  The process of being uprooted from one environment and placed in a completely new one has been full of discomfort.  Yet I needed it.  This process has stretched and challenged my heart, blowing my boxes and extending my perceptions of God.  It has given me an appreciation for so many things I previously took for granted and it has shown me so many things about myself.  Now I can see that the past two years have been a journey of unveiling.  God has been peeling back the layers of my heart, removing lies and perceptions I had about myself and revealing who I was truly created to be.  He is teaching me what my heart truly loves, the places where I come the most alive.

One of the places my heart comes the most alive is when I write.  For me it is the opportunity to obtain a remote handle on the intense feelings of the kingdom.  It is a way to explore mysteries, a place to ask questions, and an opportunity to impart to others the things that I receive.  Words are powerful.  I want to learn to wield that power well, to let it blossom and grow to the full potential God designed it to reach.  I want you to share with me in that process.  This blog is dedicated to authenticity, to the task of being real with the things of the Kingdom... the good, the bad, the hard and the messy. Approaching it all with honesty and determination to wrestle though the places of difficulty and come to a place of being fully alive.  Let the journey continue...

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brutus said...

How Wonderful!!! That's what living the real life on earth is all about - finding our God-given purpose and fulfillinmg it for others to enjoy!!! God says He will use our fingers for war.. and this war is about defeating the purposes of the kingdom of darkness to shed the light of the kingdom of God in inspiring & encouraging others about the Love of God. Keep writing on!!!!!!