Thursday, December 30, 2010

Application Phase: Complete

Well I finished sending in my applications for graduate schools today. Actually I finished sending all the documents of typed essays and manuscripts and curriculum vitaes to my mom who will print and sort them into their prospective labeled envelopes and trek down to the post office for me. Have I mentioned my mom is extra fantabulous?!

If you count the beginning phases of researching schools and working on the manuscript to be submitted with the applications, I’ve been working on this process for nearly a year. If you count studying for and taking the GRE then it’s even longer. I closed my laptop over nine hours ago but I’m still sighing with the satisfaction of completion. I feel like there’s a big empty space in my brain now, like having a new, blank room in your house. There’s all this creative energy waiting to be found—picking colors, arranging furniture, decorating the walls, inviting guests. I have room to think about other things.

Like writing.

I have some long-lost fragments of stories I want to dig out of the corners where they have been shoved. I look forward to conundrums of my characters coming to keep me awake at night rather than the puzzle of how to make myself appear qualified for a teaching assistantship in a one-page essay without coming across as an egotistic teacher’s pet with a head the size of an elevator. And I look forward to India processing more freely inside my head. It’s kind of like Christmas inside my brain.

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