Friday, July 4, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance to the King

I pledge allegiance to the King, who rules over all the nations of the earth. I pledge allegiance to His kingdom and everything for which it stands: grace, justice, redemption, deliverance, healing, hope, and the love of the King himself. His Kingdom is invincible, eternal, and pervasive. It lies within our grasp and yet will never be contained. It steals gently into our world and overpowers all other realities. It comforts our hearts with its presence. And it overwhelms us with the expanse of its power and dominion. The subjects of this kingdom learn to be loyal to the end, sacrificing their comforts, their days, all they hold dear and their very lives to further the cause of their King. They exchange the good for the better. The temporal for the eternal. The small for the great.

This Kingdom is invisible to all those who do not have eyes to see. At the surface it cannot be noticed. To look at our world, full of its evil and injustice, it can be hard to believe there is an all pervasive Kingdom of goodness and justice winning a war in our midst. But the day of victory is drawing nigh. Those with Kingdom senses can feel it pulsing beneath the surface of the earth. They smell the fragrance of its beauty. They hear its distant approach. They see its imminent arrival. They taste of its goodness. It is rising and approaching and gaining speed as the day draws near when not just the loyal citizens of this kingdom will pay their homage, but every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Happy Independence Day! The bondage of sin has been broken. We are free to love and live for the King of Kings! May His Kingdom quickly come!

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