Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day. My feet traversed over solid ground. I worked with my hands. Words came out of my mouth. My eyes watched and my ears heard.

But maybe today wasn't an ordinary day. Maybe my feet didn't really walk across solid ground. Oh, I know they did in the sense that this earth is real. I'm standing on it right now. But maybe they also didn't because there is a bigger reality that exists outside of what I touched and saw and heard in this ordinary day. Maybe I didn't traverse across pavement and carpet and floors. Perhaps I traversed across something more... without even knowing it.

Do you ever reach the end of day and feel that you have been existing in one set of parameters while a bigger reality has been waiting and existing all around you? The things around you were real, but there was something more real just beyond..... I don't know... what is it that keeps us from entering its sphere of existence? The existence of the more real. There is an infinitesimal part of my heart that is aware of this greater reality. But there is a larger part of my heart that stands oblivious to its presence. I miss it within so many moments. My hands sew, moving to oblige. My feet walk, traveling to finite destinations. My lips move and my ears hear, communicating and receiving miniscule information. Simultaneously the heavens are shaking and dancing and racing and pausing around me. Wars are being fought. Battles lost and won. Passion spent. Love expressed. God is whispering. There is something more.

I could be discouraged at the end of this ordinary day. I lived in the ordinary and I missed the other reality. Or I could be excited. In the midst of my ordinary, the extraordinary was living and thriving and swelling to draw me into it. I may not have seen it today, but it exists... and that is hope. It remains living and thriving and swelling. I sense it in this moment at a day's end. I am glad that my existence doesn't simply consist of a lot of work and meaningless chatter. I am glad that there is more... and its waiting for me.

It's just a thought at the end of an ordinary day. I looked around me and I saw, but I sensed that what I saw wasn't truly real. There was something beyond what I saw that was waiting to be seen. Ordinarily I might not have noticed... but today... at the end of this ordinary day I did. And I wanted you to notice too.

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