Sunday, September 21, 2008

Listless eyes

The hearts of broken children are screaming in my ears. Silently they walk before my eyes while my soul is deafened by their cries. Listless eyes speak volumes. Smokescreens of self confidence hide the messy state of battle-torn hearts. Yet I catch glimpses beyond the opaque veil. I cannot know the details, each traumatic event leading up to each steeled heart. But I can see the pain. They are writhing in it. It threatens to overtake them every moment. It is shredding their hearts, stealing their souls. I am watching it all around me on every side. I feel it in those I share my life with and I notice it in the strangers I pass today... and yesterday... and tomorrow. Tears well up in my eyes... in my soul. How can I possess so much life and they can walk right next to me and have none? How can they go on without it, though it waits for them at every turn? My spirit screams in rage, in grief, in pain. How can I make them understand? It is beyond me. I ache for them to find wholeness. Though I no longer have the desire to be the one to fix them, because I know I lack the ability, my heart is still racked with longing to see their glorious restoration, lifeless eyes sparked with love's holy flame. My heart is becoming one with the Master Redeemer as we both agonize over the hearts of broken children. Father break forth in our midst! Restore the years the locust have taken. Provide what has been missing. Remove what should never have been. Rend the veils over war-torn hearts. Gather your children to yourself as only you can do. May listless eyes see the truth of who you are.

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