Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Writer's Companion

The words have been sparse. This is partly due to the loss of my writing companion. My laptop went on the fritz last week and is currently being maintenance in Memphis. A writer feels naked without a computer, this I am discovering. Having a flash drive for a sidekick I have become a vagabond, never knowing where my electronic words will find a place to lay their head. I am building intimate relationships with several computer labs on campus and camping in a friend's apartment late at night to finish papers after the labs on campus close. Needless to say, formulating thoughts is not always conducive to computer labs and strange apartments so the blogging content has been sparse. It has also been a crazy week. Hopefully my long-lost companion will return to me rejuvenated from its sabbatical and in fine working order later this week. Maybe then I will find the time to formulate a few cohesive thoughts for your enjoyment.

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