Thursday, January 29, 2009


In the midst of noise, even noise directed in worship to you, God, I stand in silence. While a room full of people are voicing their words, their melodies of praise around me, sending them heavenward in a whirlwind of greatness proclaimed, today I have chosen to whisper. I am so grateful that You hear me, that You hear my silent whisper. I mouth one word and You are there with me, with me in the noise. You hear me as if I were shouting. You hear me as if I am the only one speaking. You hear me as if nothing else matters. The expansive miles of eternity compact into a space the size of a human heart when you listen. I am speechless.

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lori taylor said...

I LOVED this post. Since I still cannot sing, I join a group of singers with just whispers or even just stating the truths that others are singing. And it means a ton to me. And you point out, it means a ton to the Listener. Amen