Saturday, October 11, 2008

Every soul has a sound...

Every soul has a sound, a single note, resounding throughout one lifetime. It rises from the instrument of life to its climatic moment of articulation before fading from the ear of the world forever. Some notes are heard more distinctly than others, their fortissimo volume bringing their sound to the forefront of the drama. Other notes are softer, pianissimo, calm: gently caressing the senses with their nearly inaudible echo. Some notes last barely a moment, the mark of staccato jerking them away as soon as they materialize. Others hang on past their time, the fermata savoring and drawing out the duration till the very last moment. Between them lies a score of notes passing through the meter with regimented rhythm. They are heard, and then they are heard no more. Each note alone is insignificant. It cannot carry a melody. It cannot establish a rhythm. It cannot evoke an emotional response from the listening crowd. But let one note join with another… and another. Groups can waft melodies; nations create harmonies. Hundreds and thousands, millions of pitches can join together within the same time and meter to create a symphony, a masterpiece of creativity full of dissonance and resolution. Beauty is heard. The audience sighs. The conductor is pleased.

Every soul has a sound. Every life sounds one note. Millions of lives can create a symphony, wafting towards the heavens to the glorification of the Master Composer.

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