Thursday, October 16, 2008


God is good.
Yet oft what greets the mortal eye
Shouts in blurred tones of gray.
The white is lost amid the black
While twilight lingers
Refusing to surrender to darkness,
Squelching all hope of the dawn.

Irreconcilability raises its head in defiance
Of trite words
Spoken under glass steeples.
He holds the power
To shatter the facade of security
Allowing hope to drain away
Through the cracks
Of an ill-formed foundation
Within trial-worn souls.

Resolve to trust
Slowly erodes
At the sound of pain
And the wrench of injustice –
Reality twisting hearts to shreds.

Beneath the paper-thin facade
Of completeness,
Every mind questions –
Loudly and silently
Waiting and demanding,
Cringing at anticipated response,
Screaming in agonized anger,
Pleading for reality to be different,
For God to be good.

Time has never changed divinity –
Only perceptions.
Beyond the veils of pretense
Clay-covered Hands wait
To massage fractured lives
Into wholeness.

The Master Artist wields pain,
Using blood-infused mediums of the world
To paint beauty over scarred canvas.

Looking with eyes of flesh and bone
Within fog-laden valleys
Yields self-infused range of vision.
Injustice reigns on stone turned hearts.

Yet constellations pierce the haze,
Revealing inexplicable sanctuary
To determined eyes
Finding sight beyond the fog.
Timeless love shifts reality.
Shards fill the mosaic.
Goodness finds a home.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. You need to come home and read it to my face.


Danielle said...

Thank you. I would love to!