Tuesday, October 14, 2008

thoughts about a mountain

Majestically she stands, holding her regal head higher than the world of humanity. She is the air of confidence itself, the rocky foundations of her throne refusing to shift. Immovable they have remained since the great flood fashioned the contour of her form thousands of years precedent. She reigns, watching over the earth from lofty, cloud-kissed heights. At the base she wraps herself in a cloak of forested green fir, mothering the creatures of the wood to nest within its folds. Yet higher she climbs, to bare her heart and soul to the world, at an elevation where trees cease to breathe. Her peak wears thin between realms, providing a temple where earth reaches for heaven and pierces diaphanous skies ablaze with glory. Her presence draws the sojourner, challenging and inviting man to crest her utmost heights, to encounter God face to face. She rewards the arduous climber, gifting a vision worth every moment of strenuous pain required to scale her rocky pinnacle. There, content graces her head as a crown, invoking a sigh of satisfaction from each mortal man abiding in her company. Long she has been a student of Majesty, timeless, strong, wise. Long she will teach man of what is great, to any ear and eye poised to listen.

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